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Allthings Must Have Consulting Services is a woman-owned business providing essential healthcare IT and consulting services to a wide range of clientele. Our founder, Nancy, comes from a clinical background as a registered nurse in the intensive care unit. Our consulting business was born out of her experiences as she noticed the challenges in healthcare with regard to computer systems.

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In her experience, Nancy noticed that documentation and paperwork wasted the healthcare providers’ valuable time – time that could have been spent on providing quality patient care. Nancy took it upon herself to train colleagues inefficient documentation, thereby allocating more time for patient care. A decade later, she had acquired vast industry experience and wanted to do what she was truly passionate about putting the healthcare industry’s paperwork and administrative work on the fast track.
Allthings Must Have Consulting has grown from an idea to a dream to reality. What used to be Nancy’s vision is now a business with a team of professionals, all dedicated to the same purpose.

Nancy Nielsen, MSN, RN

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Allthings Must Have Consulting

At Allthings Must Have Consulting, we understand physicians’ needs firsthand and strive to ensure our services meet, and exceed, those demands. Our services allow providers and physicians to focus on the patient while they leave the paperwork, recruitment, billing, and revenue management to us. Some of these services include recruitment, credentialing, managing medical bills, navigating the medical insurance system, and facilitating payment of claims through custom-tailored processes matched to the organizational needs. 
We started our services in Georgia, but our reach is longer as we acquire clients across the nation. We offer around-the-clock, 24-hour client support throughout the year. Our team of professionals are reliable, passionate, and trustworthy, all factors that contribute to maximum customer satisfaction. For us at Allthings Must Have Consulting Services, caring is a way of life.

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Take decades of field experience and mix it with years of consulting experience and you Allthings Must Have Consulting.



We are a woman-founded business with a special passion for patient care, and we want to pass on our experience in optimizing billing and coding cycles, revenue cycles, and compliance strategies.



We are certain you will choose us when you give us a call and see what passion, practice, and professionalism yield. Allthings Must Have Consulting would love to help your practice succeed with superior healthcare solutions.