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Allthings Must Have Consulting was founded by Nancy, an intensive care unit registered nurse by profession – formerly. Through the years, she noticed inefficiencies in the system and found it a passion to help colleagues save time on paperwork and spend more time on patient care. Now, she uses her over-10 years of experience to help healthcare practitioners optimize their medical billing and collections processes, and ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws. Here are some of the consulting services we offer.

Medical Billing and Coding Consulting Services 

A healthcare practice depends on third parties and endless amounts of paperwork to get paid for the healthcare services it provides. Communication is crucial, and medical billing codes can be the difference between a payment on-time and – a write-off. It’s not just about bottom lines and top lines though. Efficient coding saves precious time in the field. 
Our medical billing and coding consulting services optimize your billing and coding cycle by managing payer trends, reviewing, assigning, and billing CPT and ICD10, ensuring compliance, maintaining provider documentation, and reducing DNFB. We help you expertly navigate the complexities of the law, regulations, and industry guidelines on healthcare billing. You can look forward to reliable and timely reporting, reduced AR backlogs, and improved care quality.

Compliance Consulting

The risk of lawsuits is a nightmare for possibly every healthcare practitioner. To make matters worse, laws are everchanging! If you run a small practice and can’t keep up with all of the regulatory hurdles, then allow Allthing Must Have Consulting to help. We keep you away from stringent scrutiny by ensuring you avoid regulatory missteps, fines, and other legal hurdles.
Meet your regulatory compliance requirements through compliance audits, investigations, evaluations, compliance reviews, and risk assessments. We offer complete cycle compliance and consulting service that involves a custom compliance program that assesses your compliance status, identifies potential risk areas, and then defines and implements compliance upgrades, including compliance training and education. 

Collections and Consulting 

We love what we do here at Allthings Must Have, and we are hopeful to continue doing it. That continuity depends on a predictable stream of income. The same goes for your practice. If you need a hand or an extra set of eyes to ensure you get payments, on time, then call Allthings Must Have about our collections consulting.
Our custom-tailored consulting services and solutions to meet your unique operational, regulatory, and financial needs. We provide consulting on financial management, revenue collections and claims, operational concerns, POS collections and payment follow-ups, appeals and rejection audits, underpayments and verifications, self-pay collections, and more. Expect detailed analysis, streamlined processes and straightforward policies and procedures.

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We know you have a busy schedule and are eager to have a burden taken off of your shoulders. If you are considering our consulting services, then call Allthings Must Have Consulting today to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.