Who We Serve

At Allthings Must Have Consulting Services, we provide essential healthcare IT services to high-value clientele, ranging from small practices to large healthcare facilities. Our founder, Nancy, has over a decade of experience in the field of medicine and has transformed that experience into applicable expertise. We help healthcare providers of all types and sizes manage billing cycles, navigate the medical insurance system, and facilitate administrative tasks. Our experience with a variety of healthcare providers has given us the insight to be able to tailor our services to match a range of organizational needs.

Private Practices

In private practice, the physician generally practices alone, without any partners. They may have minimal support for administrative work along with a nurse for assistance. Physicians running private practices enjoy individual freedom, stronger relationships with patients, and the power to set their practice’s own goals. The disadvantage, however, includes longer working hours and a greater amount of business risk.
Allthings Must Have Consulting has helped private practices streamline their billing, eligibility verification, claims to process, and collections. Our HIPAA compliance consulting is also popular with private practices that cannot afford to hire onsite compliance officers. We also offer virtual registered nurses who can take care of admissions and discharges, monitor vital signs, and survey patients in real-time.


Group Practices

A group practice is a little more sophisticated than a private practice in that it involves more manpower. A group practice usually involves a couple or more physicians who provide medical care in the same facility. Physicians in group practices enjoy more flexible hours but less individual freedom and less power to guide the business’ path. Profits are divided but group practices tend to have access to more working capital.
Group practices have hired Allthings Must Have Consulting for a host of services including recruitment, credentialing and enrollment, HIPAA compliance consulting, medical billing and coding consulting services, revenue cycle management, eligibility verification, collections consulting, entry billing software, and virtual registered nurse services.

Health Maintenance Organizations

HMOs, or health maintenance organizations, employ healthcare providers to care for the HMOs members and beneficiaries. Healthcare providers working in HMOs enjoy more stable working hours, less paperwork, and predictable salaries.
HMOs can hire Allthings Must Have Consulting for a variety of services. Credentialing and recruitment are two commonly preferred services as HMOs look to take solid steps when bringing on new providers. HMOs generally do well with collections and accounts receivables, but they find great value in our medical billing and consulting services as well as our entry billing software.

Hospital Based

Hospitals employ an incredibly large number of healthcare providers that must be vetted. They also depend on support staff, administrative employees, and nurses. Allthings Must Have Consulting delivers great value for hospitals with our provider credentialing and enrollment services as well as our recruitment and virtual registered nurses. We have provided HIPAA compliance consulting, eligibility verification, revenue cycle management, and collections and consulting services. 

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